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    Our Products

    About Us

    YZT Technology, a technical enterprise which focuses on
    researching and developing semiconductor memory,
    was established by Mr. Xiaoshu Tang in Shanghai
    after he returned from America in 2005.
    The staff in YZT will always create technology results with
    young altitude and zealous passions.Read More

    Team Introduction

    • Xiaoshu Tang

      Chairman, CEO

      He returned from America in 2005 with a graduation from Fudan University. He once worked for the global well-known semiconductor memory manufacturer Intel and is the establisher of YZT Technology.The member of CPPCC(Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) in Xiangan, Xiamen

    • Tianshou Cai


      The Chairman of Fujian Tianshou Group, the national model worker, and the national outstanding party worker, The national business model worker. The tenth, eleventh and twelveth representative of the Provincial People's Congress in Fujian province.

    • Huakun Cai


      He joined in YZT Technology in 2012.

    • Zhujin Yao

      Director, General Manager

      The joint establisher of YZT Technology.

    • Gang Zhu


      The joint establisher of YZT Technology.

    News Information